These herbaceous clematis are clump-forming scramblers, they have non-clinging stems and can be allowed to scramble in herbaceous borders.

Check out our Blog post - Abundant Integrifolia Alba

Tips for Integrifolia.
They are good 'front of border' plants, make excellent companions in beds of bush roses, they can also be grown in window boxes, hanging baskets or cascading over a retaining wall.  They are exceptionally hardy, trouble free, very free flowering and as with other herbaceous plants, they die back in winter. All are suitable to use as cut flowers.

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Clematis integrifolia
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Clematis integrifolia has mid-blue nodding bell-shaped flowers with long narrow twisted tepals.
Clematis integrifolia Alba
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Check out our Blog post - Abundant Integrifolia Alba
Dainty nodding bell-shaped flowers of pure white have an occasional hint of blue at the base of the tepals and a sweet scent. Super for front of border interest.

Clematis integrifolia Rosea
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The mid mauvy-pink nodding bell-shaped flowers merge to paler pink at their beautifully twisted tips.
Clematis integrifolia TWINKLE Zotwi PBR
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Dainty bell shaped flowers of white have a pale sky-blue at the 'crown' of the flower and the tepals gently twist towards the ends. In sunny conditions flowers become fully white.