The tangutica clematis are extremely useful in the garden, providing colour and interest from mid-summer through to late autumn, with most producing excellent seed-heads for added interest in the winter months.  

Tips for Tangutica Clematis.

They cope well with hot, sunny situations and are drought tolerant, even thriving in poorer conditions where you would think they would struggle. They will not tolerate very heavy clay soils that sit waterlogged, nor any over-watering.  Very easy to grow and low maintenance with simple pruning.

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Clematis Anita
In Stock
The pretty creamy-yellow nodding buds open to pure white outward-facing flowers.
Clematis Bill MacKenzie
In Stock
Its bright yellow nodding, lantern-shaped flowers have distinctive dark reddish-brown stamens that leave wonderful silky seed-heads. Excellent for late flowers.
Clematis Golden Harvest
In Stock
The light butter-yellow nodding bell-shaped flowers open out to reveal striking reddish-purple stamens. Grow in a sunny position to enhance its lovely citrus-like perfume.
Clematis GOLDEN TIARA 'Kugotia'
In Stock
Attractive bright golden-yellow nodding lantern-shaped flowers have distinctive contrasting reddish-purple stamens and leave silky seed-heads.
Clematis Helios
In Stock
The bright lemon-yellow nodding flowers open out flat and have very pointed tepals with swept back tips, followed by silky seed-heads.
Clematis Lambton Park
In Stock
The bright yellow nodding lantern-shaped flowers are followed by beautiful silky seed-heads. Grow in a sunny position to enhance the coconut-like perfume. A favourite in our garden.
Clematis My Angel
In Stock
Small nodding bell-shaped flowers of rich reddish-brown have a bright yellow inside and are followed by a profusion of shiny silvery seed-heads. Very pretty and easy to grow.
Clematis Orange Peel
In Stock
The deep golden yellow nodding bell-shaped flowers mature to rusty-orange, with attractive seed-heads and finely cut foliage.
Clematis orientalis var. orientalis
Out of Stock
Clematis orientalis var. orientalis has masses of small pale creamy-yellow bell-shaped flowers that have a bright yellow inside and sometime a reddy-brown outside. The blooms are produced through mid summer to late autumn followed by an abundance of silvery seed-heads.